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Breaking Down the STE(A)M Buzz

STEAM: It's not about the tech skills, it's about the context. When I tell new friends what I do for a living, here’s what I say: “I design summer camps that teach kids and teens things like game design and programming”. When I go to conferences and...

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Animation and Identity

Or, How to Make Your Animated Film Great Animation is going through an interesting time in its development at the moment. There’s an explosion of animated films to choose from. Even a lot of live-action movies have an animated character. I’d imagine this...

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Uplyft + Made By Girls

Today, on Giving Tuesday, we’d like to talk about one of our more meaningful partnerships that allows us at DMA to give back. In 2015, we launched our Made By Girls program in order to create more and better opportunities for girls in the tech industry. Through MBG,...

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