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Northern California DMA Tech Camps & STEM Courses

DMA Tech Camps in the Bay Area

From our home in the Bay Area, DMA is proud to offer a number of tech camps and STEM courses held at prestigious schools such as Stanford University and Saratoga High School. We offer the widest variety of courses at these camps, all taught by the best instructors the Silicon Valley has to offer. Our project-based, hands-on courses teach students professional workflows as well as design-thinking methodology that prepares them for college and careers in technical and creative roles.

Find a DMA Tech Camp in Northern California

Stanford University

San Francisco State University

Stratford Middle School - San Jose

Stratford Middle School - Sunnyvale

Stanford University

Stanford, California

SF State University

San Francisco, California

Los Gatos High School

Los Gatos, California

Stratford - San Jose

San Jose, California

Stratford - Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale, California